Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

  • All submitted manuscripts undergo a review process by two or more experts in the relevant field, who may be reviewers or members of the editorial board. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the suitability of the manuscripts for publication. Based on the review results, a decision is made regarding the acceptance of the manuscript. Authors are then provided with recommendations for revisions and improvements.
  • The manuscript undergoes a double-blind peer review process by two reviewers. The possible outcomes are as follows: ① acceptance, ② revision and publication, ③ revision and re-review, ④ rejection. The editorial board may, if necessary, make corrections, additions, or deletions to parts of the manuscript that are within the scope of the editing policy without affecting the original content.
  • Peer review and acceptance of manuscripts: Manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis, with the submission date recorded as the date it is received by the editor-in-chief. Two or more reviewers appointed by the editorial board review the submitted manuscripts to assess their suitability for publication. Based on the results, the authors may be asked to revise or improve the manuscript before a final decision on publication is made by the editorial board. Once a manuscript passes the review process and is accepted, it undergoes at least one round of proofreading by the authors before being proofread by the editor-in-chief.
  • Publication and printing process: The editorial board makes the final decision on the publication and order of reviewed manuscripts, which are then printed by the publisher. Authors are required to submit a revised version within two months of receiving the review results notification. However, if more time is needed, permission must be obtained from the publishing director in advance. During the printing process, the corresponding author is responsible for requesting any necessary corrections. It is important to carefully review the manuscript for errors or discrepancies in the title, authorship, affiliation, etc., and ensure compliance with the submission guidelines. Any errors or mistakes discovered after printing are the responsibility of the authors.
Journal of Innovative Medical Technology
May 30, 2024 Vol.2 No.1, pp. 1~28

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